Partech International

Founded in 1982, Partech International is a leading global venture capital firm with offices in the U.S., Europe and Israel. With $850M under active management, our investment team focuses exclusively on Information Technology. Specific areas where we invest include Software & Internet, Healthcare IT, and Communications & Components. In each of these sectors, our team diligently sources companies with high return potential and disruptive technologies.

It is our belief that “technology is global” and therefore, venture capital must be global. This global way of thinking and investing is not a new strategy for us. We have successfully executed this approach for over twenty years and like to think of ourselves as pioneers of international venture capital. Some of our globally successful companies include: Ascend Communications, Alvarion, Business Objects, Cadence, CSG Systems, Digital Island, Informatica, Pentasafe, VeriFone and Vignette.

Partech’s successful “International Venture Model” has been instrumental in building innovative start-ups into global leaders.

Background & History

Partech International Ventures II closes

1982Vincent Worms and Thomas McKinley launch Global Venture Fund for Banque Paribas in San Francisco and later in Paris
1985Partech International Ventures I closes
1987Partech launches first cross-over fund
1990General Partners acquire Partech International from Banque Paribas Partech International Ventures II closes
1995Partech International Ventures III closes
1996Partech launches second cross-over fund
2000Partech International Ventures IV closes
2002Partech launches third cross-over fund
2004Partech International opens office in Israel

International Venture Model

We have assembled an internationally integrated team of investing partners who source the best companies regardless of location. Our General Partners are organized along industry groups, independently of location, and work as one team throughout the investment lifecycle. This unique approach allows the team to “think globally, act locally”. With senior industry experts in the U.S., Europe and Israel, the team’s sourcing and due diligence abilities affords the team a unique leverage.

Over our 20+ year history, our proven “International Venture Model” has been instrumental in helping build innovative start-ups into global leaders. Our global presence has enabled us to take advantage of the best possible global exit routes, as proven by numerous successful IPOs and strategic sales of portfolio companies.

We wanted to expand our leadership position beyond the U.S. market. As Informatica’s seed investor, Partech played a critical role in designing the right strategy to enter key European countries. Their Paris-based partners helped us recruit the best local executives to implement our European strategy.”
Gaurav Dhillon, former CEO

Sector Strategy

Partech’s investment team has a long-standing history of working with innovators and helping them build global industry leaders. Through various economic cycles over more than two decades, we have maintained a consistent investment focus and our fundamental belief in the value of information technology as the backbone for global communications, enterprise efficiency and end-user productivity. The businesses we back share three key characteristics: they are innovative, committed, and global.

We invest in innovation-based businesses. Our companies extract long-term competitive advantage from disruptive innovations. These innovations generally stem from a unique insight developed by the founders and are built upon domain expertise developed over multiple years.

We work with entrepreneurial teams that have demonstrated their ability and determination to succeed by building long-term businesses.These teams share with us a strong belief in the value of the innovation they bring to market.

We understand the increasing requirements of a global IT market. Our entrepreneurs recognize the importance of the global environment and build businesses that have the agility to navigate them. We have the experience to help them achieve their global ambitions.